Teacher Fired For Displaying Students’ Offensive Obama Images

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With all the suspicious images of the Obama family (not withstanding the Muslim-garbed fist-bump New Yorker cover and picture of Curious George holding a banana with ‘Obama In ’08’ written underneath) running rampant, is it any surprise that kids are now getting in on the frenzy?

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After getting fired for displaying students’ offensive pictures of Barack Obama, including one with a bullethole (pictured) and another implying it’s “Obama Hunting Season,” former junior high school teacher Robert Duncan is fighting to get his job back after losing it earlier this month.

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The drawings originated from a lesson Duncan was giving on political cartoons. When a worried parent noticed them hanging in the classroom, she snapped photos of them and sent them to media outlets.

Secret Service agents soon visited with two of the students behind the images and Louisiana’s Boyet Junior High School placed Duncan on administrative leave for six months. On August 6th, St. Tammany Parish public school superintendent Trey Folse terminated Duncan, ending his 13-year tenure at the school, according to Daily Mail.com

Watch Duncan’s colleagues defend him:

Now Duncan is fighting back.

At a wrongful termination hearing last Wednesday, many of his colleagues argued the cartoons served a political purpose. Social Studies teacher Mark Seltzer claimed the cartoons carried no racial intent, arguing that he “saw political points of view being expressed, whether pro-Obama or anti-Obama, and that’s what the lesson was designed to do.”

Duncan’s lawyers also noted that St.Tammany’s School Board Parish promoted the use of political cartoons in classrooms.

In regards to the bullet hole, Duncan said it wasn’t there when he initially displayed it in the hallway outside his classroom, a defense seven other Boyet teachers supported.

The last day of the three-day hearing was re-scheduled Monday as a pre-caution against the impending Tropical Storm Issac.

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