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mel gibson

[EDITORS’ NOTE: This post may contain language that some find offensive.]

The really sinister implication behind Mel Gibson’s rant against his baby-mama in which he said that he hoped she got “raped by a pack of n**gers” was that ‘rape’ was the only way afforded for Black men to sleep with white women.

This is an old argument.

In fact, I’ve heard it argued that every time a white woman sleeps with a Black man it’s rape. Personally, I respect the hell out of that. The paragon of white female virtue is so unflappable that there is absolutely nothing she can do voluntarily to corrupt it.

Meanwhile, I’ve also heard it argued that Black women can’t be raped. Black women being so sexually and morally loose that they would give it to anybody anyway, should consider it a favor whenever a man decides to oblige them by taking their bodies.

This is what was really foul about what Mel Gibson was suggesting.

Of course, some of us Black people, being so pavlovian about the “N-Word” couldn’t get past the fact that Mel had used it and saw that as the real crime.

Anybody who’s ever read one of my older blogs on the subject knows how I feel about the “N-Word”. I love it. At the risk of offending every literate person alive (and also having NewsOne say “hell no!” to running this post), let me clarify something right now: Black people; you are N***rs.

You’re not Krauts, Micks, Dagos, Spics, Heebs, Gooks, Limeys, Pancakes, Chinks, Nips, Wops, Dinks, Guineas, Hajis, Ragheads, Redskins, Slants, Slopes, Wetbacks, Wogs, Yids, Crackers, Paddys, Polacks, Honkies, Injuns, or even Fags (well, most of the time you’re not Fags).

Now, if you’re delighted about being Black, you’ll gladly accept everything that comes with it—including its case specific insults.

And in a break with tradition, I’d like to finally side with the “we do it to ourselves” Blacks that always seem to find a way to blame Black people for any slights directed against us by outsiders.

Perhaps it’s time we treated Black women with a little more respect, eh?

And ladies, that goes for you too.

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