Top 5 Sarah Palin Impressions of 2008

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Political comedy was dealt a blow this year as George Bush prepared to leave behind eight golden years of comedy gold for comedians. However the comedy gods shined from Alaska and gave them a new daft cocky character to mock relentlessly.

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While Tina Fey got the most acclaim out of imitating Sarah Palin, there were several other brilliant comediennes who put there own spin on the ice princess of politics.

1. Black Sarah Palin. I know you’re thinking bias, but Abiola Abrams did a great job adding an urban twist to Palin’s arrogant, ignorant persona.

2. Tina Fey. Tina Fey brought SNL back to the glory days of political satire after a long drought when Will Ferrell left and took his George Bush impression with him.

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3. Lisa Nova. Lisa Nova got into the Sarah Palin impression game first, but only had the internet to promote. While her impression isn’t as good as Fey’s, she captured the reason why McCain picked Palin.

4. Sara Benincasa. Sarah was another one of the first Palin impersonators and did a good job through the election season adding a little spunk to Palin’s already perky personality.

5. Sarah Palin. Nobody could make Sarah Palin look more stupid than she could herself. To the untrained ear this seems like another Palin impersonator acting very stupid and gullible, but it actually turned out to be Palin herself being pranked by a Canadian deejay with a bad French accent.

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