Just Curious: Is New IPhone Game "Thug Shotz" Offensive?

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Thug Shotz is a new iPhone game where players “match the slime with the crime”  and “pick the crackhead” using real mug shots.

The app was first rejected by Apple on moral grounds, then approved. Thug Shotz ($0.99) is also available in a “Cell-ebrity” version ($1.99) where you can hook up the A-lister to the crime.

Thug Shotz

The shaudenfreude fest — in the same vein as controversial Busted! Real Mug shots app, but created by a different company called It’s Bailey Entertainment (IBE) — was first rejected by Apple on moral grounds, then approved. (Note: the screenshots are stock photos, but all photos in the game are real people.)

Cult of Mac talked to IBE Founder K. Patrick Whalen about how the app, which started as a lunch time diversion of “guess the perp,” made it into iTunes.

Apple initially rejected the game because it uses real mug shots which they felt was “immoral” and inconsistent with their long-standing, though unwritten, policy of not allowing applications which are “mean spirited” or “make fun” of people, IBE tells us.

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