Just Curious: Was This Duncan Hines ‘Hip-Hop’ Commercial Racist?

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hip hop cupcakes ad

Talk about bad taste.

Cupcakes aren’t tasting so sweet for some Duncan Hines marketing execs who were forced to pull a video for their “Amazing Glazes” frosting line after viewers and bloggers complained the dancing cupcakes were racist.

The commercial, which features chocolate-frosted cupcakes singing a harmony, was released on YouTube with the title “Hip Hop”. Along with that title, the cupcakes featured exaggerated lips and eyes and more hummed a melody – that was decidedly un-hip hop.

“If you’re going to call them hip-hop cupcakes, then shouldn’t at least one of them at least do a verse?” a blogger wrote on the Racialicious blog wrote.

What do you think of this video ad? Was it racist?

We’ll let you decide.


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