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In a new survey taken by, nearly 42 percent of Blacks who attended white universities never had a Black professor. Close to three quarters of Blacks only had one during their college career.

The piece written by Dr. Boyce Watkins talks about his undergraduate and graduate career. He talks about never having a Black professor through college. He also touches on the myth that there aren’t many “qualified” Black professors out there.

Watkins touches on the fact that many Black professors don’t receive tenure once hired and are put on temporary visiting positions just to improve school diversity numbers. For example, Harvard University just granted tenure to only the second Black female professor in their 200 year history.

What is even more interesting is that many HBCUs across the country don’t hire many Black professors either. Within the pool of survey participants who attended HBCUs, half didn’t have more than three African American professors in a field outside of African American or Africana Studies during their four years of attending an HBCU.

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