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The Root has a great article on the lack of quality relationships between Black men and Black women on TV.

On this past season of Basketball Wives, only one featured cast member, Jennifer Williams, was actually married. And surprise, surprise — much of her storyline revolved around the dissolution of her dysfunctional union. By the time the end-of-season cast reunion rolled around, Williams announced that she had plans to finally divorce her estranged husband, former ball player Eric Williams.

As for the other women, they’re former girlfriends, one-time fiancées and ex-wives. Besides Williams, they all have one thing in common: They had children with their ballers. Is this really enough to warrant “wife” status?

Just as Basketball “Wives” was ending, Love and Hip Hop kept the train rolling. It’s only one episode in, and we’ve been given a window into the relationships of Chrissy, the girlfriend of rapper Jim Jones; and Emily, rapper Fabolous’ longtime love. Both women have been with their lyricists for several years. Despite the fact that their men aren’t interested in marriage, the cast mates stress over when they’ll get a ring.

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