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Here are some excerpts from a new book, Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids’ Letters to President Obama which contains letters that children have written to Obama.

Dear President Obama,

You are just like a big me, because I am from Chicago and I am biracial and have curly hair. I live in Seattle now, but I’m still from Chicago.

How do you feel about being president?

I have an idea. Why don’t you give everybody, even the homeless, ten dollars every day? Each person would need this money for food, clothes, toys, and many other needs. And don’t forget to give the kids money, too.

My advice for you and your family is to be yourself and you will change the world. If I were president, I would try to make the world a better place.

Avante Price

Dear President Obama,

You should make a three-day weekend. Give the homeless a home. Make renting less money. Let people have free pets. Make a free-money day.


Emily Morales, age 10, San Francisco

Dear President Obama,

We have some advice for you: take care of immigrants who don’t commit crimes because it’s not their fault that they are immigrants. Also, they try very hard to stay in this country because our economy is not well, so we will really appreciate it if you could help our economy get higher. Also, stop the war with Iraq because they are getting very poor. Why are we fighting Iraq? And why are we involved in every war that happens?

We wanted to invite you to Edison Charter Academy, San Francisco, CA. It’s near Dolores Street. Thank you very much for reading our letter. We hope you will visit our school and tell us more about you.


Giselle Perez, 11 and Jennifer Munoz, age 12

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