Atlanta dad Charles Boyd (pictured) was arrested after he left his two young children in his running vehicle that was stolen while he shopped at a grocery store, reports the Daily Mail.

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The unidentified car thief abandoned the car, leaving the children inside. The boy and girl managed to let themselves out of the vehicle and wandered the streets until a passerby came to their aid and summoned police.

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Tabitha Robinson, a witness, said that when Boyd stepped outside and saw that his vehicle was missing, he became hysterical. Police state that when Boyd called in the theft of his Cadillac, he did not mention that his children were taken as well. Robinson finds it incredulous that police are saying Boyd did not tell them about his children, especially since he was so inconsolable.

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The woman tells WSBTV News, “He told the police that his kids (were) in the car and somebody jumped in his car and pulled off,” Robinson said. “Maybe the police misunderstood him when he said that his kids were in the car. Because (of) how he was talking, it could (have) sounded like he said, ‘My keys in the car.'”

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Police took Boyd into custody because he left his young children unattended in the car and charged him with reckless conduct. When Boyd told police that the mall security guard assured him that his kids would be safe in the car while he picked up a few items, the information fell on deaf ears.

When the stolen vehicle was discovered, officers found a substantial amount of marijuana in its trunk and  charged Boyd with possession. A judge eventually dropped the drug charge because the marijuana could have belonged to the car thief.

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