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Former gridiron player Terrell Owens (pictured left), who just got axed from what could very well be his last chance at securing a stable position on an NFL team, will not be able to slide away from his baby momma drama that easily, reports TMZ.  Apparently, Owens’ fourth baby momma, Melanie Paige Smith, (pictured) hightailed it to court after his release from the Seattle Seahawks to block the player’s request to have his exorbitant child support payments lowered.

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According to court documents, Owens’ million-dollar deal with the Seahawks still makes him financially able to continue to support his child with Paige.

Still, Owens alleges that since the paychecks have stopped, he should be able to dole out less dough, but reportedly, Paige is not going for the “woe-is-me” act.  Instead, Paige and her lawyer, Randall Kessler, are keeping close tabs on those incoming checks from Owens, with Kessler saying to TMZ that his client has her “fingers crossed that another team picks him up.”

Can anybody say, “Fat chance”?

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