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L.A. Laker Devin Ebanks (pictured) is being sued in a civil court for sexual assault by an unnamed woman who accused him of rape last year, according to TMZ.

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The 23-year-old forward ran in to legal woes on September 13, 2011, when a woman, who has only been identified as “Jane Doe,” alleged she met the player at an L.A. club.  The woman claims that she agreed to accompany Ebanks back to his home on the condition that there would be no sexual relations involved.

The woman claimed that when she tried to put a stop to Ebanks’ sexual advances, he “”forcibly penetrated [her] vagina with his penis five to 10 times.”

‘Doe’ says that she reported the alleged rape incident to police officials later that night.

The woman then sought proof of her encounter with Ebanks, so she reportedly devised a plan, where she would solicit a text from Ebanks admitting that they had in fact engaged in sexual relations.  She sent him a text accusing him of giving her a sexually transmitted disease, but Ebanks texted her back stating that her claim could not be true because they never had sex.

TMZ also stated that ‘Doe’ allegedly underwent a sexual assault examination to back up her allegation and foreign DNA was never discovered on her person.

The Los Angeles district attorney eventually dismissed ‘Doe’s’ case based on a lack of substantial evidence against Ebanks.  The rape charges against Ebanks were dropped.

Now Ebanks’ accuser is back and looking to obtain monetary damages from the 6’9″ player in a civil court.  The woman, who is seeking unspecified damages, is suing Ebanks for sexual assault and battery, defamation, and intentional affliction of emotional distress.

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