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A Black teenager (pictured left) riding London’s Tube subway system lunged at a woman (pictured below left) who reportedly referred to him as a “smelly Nigerian,'”seen in new video, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

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In the video, posted Wednesday on YouTube and titled “Racist Woman On London Train Gets What She Deserves!” the unidentified woman can be heard calling the teenager “f*cking s*it on my shoe” and saying, “My boyfriend is Black,” in an apparent response to a racist allegation.

“So what?” the teen responds. “Are you Black? Does that mean you’re Black?” Taking a shot at her age, he later says, “How old are you? 28? I’m 19. Do something with your life!”

The boy seems to think the woman is crazy, saying,”You think you’re in America, where you can walk around [like] a lunatic?”

The woman then worries that ” b*tches like you will steal from me” and pulls out the “smelly Nigerian” remark. Some of the other audio isn’t entirely clear, but the boy takes great offense to the stealing comment, asking, “So first I pushed you, now I’ve tried to run from you?”

As the train pulls in to a station a minute later, the anonymous teen gets up and lunges at the woman, getting in a few shots before fellow passengers restrain him, saying, “Don’t you ever touch me! Don’t you dare touch me again!” He then claims, “[The woman] hit me on the head with a bottle,” and noted that “there are witnesses! Everyone seen, everyone heard! You just made a racist remark!”

Watch the disturbing exchange here:

His target is left in shock from the attack. “I’m a person!” the woman says. “I’m a human being and you step on me!”

The teen immediately responds, “Now your attitude has changed ’cause witnesses [are everywhere]. Your attitude has changed. You were talking s*it.”

At the end of the video, the train’s operator hears the commotion and asks via intercom “what’s happening?”

Similar incidents involving race happened on London’s train system last year, with one woman telling Black passengers to “go home where you belong.”  Another instance involved a Black woman telling passengers that White people “all want to be f*cking Black.”

There have been no arrests made for the most-recent incident at this time.

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