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Kenneth Chancey, 17, walks down the littered streets of Skid Row, one of the roughest areas of Los Angeles. Drug deals are made around him. A man screams at his girlfriend. The stench of the place is overwhelming.

Kenneth Chancey, 17, is a homeless honors student who hopes to eventually attend Harvard University.

Chancey keeps his head down and tries to tune it out. “It’s kind of horrible,” he says, as he escorts his 14-year-old sister, Stephanie, through it all.

But Chancey is on another journey too, one that not many of his friends know about. An honors student and star football player, he hopes to go from being homeless to becoming a Harvard grad.

“I would love to be able to say that I graduated from Harvard University with a PhD in medicine and be able to share my story,” he says. “I have to dream because obviously my reality is horrible.” Video Watch from homeless to Harvard? ยป

Chancey has just finished his junior year at Hollywood’s Helen Bernstein High School, where he was named best overall academic student. He’s student body president and, not surprisingly, one of the most popular kids.

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