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The naked BART gymnast has been identified as Yeiner Garaizabalo, 24. He goes by the name of Yeiner Perez, a former circus acrobat who is believed to have suffered a nervous breakdown.

According to Slim Chance, a friend of Perez’s who leads the Berkeley circus troupe ClownSnotBombs, he had been going through tough times and stopped showing up to practice in May.

“He’s been through a lot of stress — he seems to have been having a breakdown,” said Slim Chance. “That seems to be the tip of it right there. I just can’t tell you anything more because I don’t really know what his state is. It’s not at all like his normal character.”

Chance described Perez as a “workaholic acrobat,” who was not known to do drugs.

“We’re thinking he may have even had a stroke sometime last year,” he said. “We’ve been trying to piece it together ourselves.”

According to, Perez was placed on an “emergency psychiatric hold following a psychiatric evaluation at California Pacific Medical Center, but was ultimately released.”

Perez was subsequently booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery but was released within 48 hours because the district attorney was deciding whether or not to press charges, according to office spokeswoman Stephanie Ong Stillman said.


Video of a naked — and aroused man, according to witnesses — attacking Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) passengers and performing gymnastics on May 10 hit YouTube on Monday and the internet may never recover.

Mission Mission, a website covering San Francisco news broke the story, and their Facebook followers describe it in harrowing detail:

According to Jonah Wajchman:

I was busking in the station at the time, and saw the whole thing unfold. I first spotted him standing at the top of the escalator, on the narrow concrete strip that runs along the left side of the handrail. He was making strange noises and wild arm gestures, and then he began prancing down the strip like he was walking a tightrope. At that point he still had his underwear on, and a station agent who was standing nearby yelled for him to stop. When he reached the bottom, he got completely naked, throwing his underwear to the side of the escalator.

Once he was down in the station, he hopped on top of the nearest garbage can and began bouncing up and down while continuing to make weird noises. The station agent was watching him closely, but at the time it wasn’t clear that he was going to turn sinister – it seemed like he could easily jump off and run back up into the world. I’ve never witnessed anything as crazy go down in a station before, but momentary bizarre outbursts do occur, and they often end quickly, with the culprit leaving promptly.

Unfortunately, as you know, that was not the case here. A woman entering the station walked by the garbage can, and he catcalled at her. When she ignored him, he spit at her. At this point I called the police, and they said they were already on their way. Then a wave of people exited the gates, and he jumped down right in front of a woman, and started grabbing her as she screamed and moved backwards to avoid him; the station agent was trying to wrestle him away from her, and in the confusion she fell, and he hit the station agent and wrestled himself free.

Next, he leapt onto the gates, and not only did the splits, but also a headstand. Then he went into the paid area, and out of my sight. Someone told me they saw him do a full backflip and land on his feet. Another person, who was entering the station, told me that the rampage began above ground, where Naked Man began shedding his clothes, running around screaming, and jumping on top of cars.

While witnessing it, it was also my guess that he was on PCP – he had super strength, appeared impervious to pain, and was quite sweaty, making it hard to get a hold on him.

But follower Bianca Starr said the account was scary, not amusing:

Wasn’t that “amusing” as you are depicting it. Just saying. Just left 16 and Mission Bart station and as I was approaching the ticket exit, a completely naked man with his penis hard was backing a woman coming from work I assume against a wall and he threw her down to the ground. Someone tried to stop him and he ended up throwing the guy to the ground and then got on the ticket exit/entrance thing and squatted over for everyone to see his anus and then and then and then….. the point is that no one could control the situation and then he started going after an older man and had him by the neck. He was obviously on PCP since he was so strong and out of it ( i think???)) wtf! Everyone ran out and no one could help. I heard “the police were on the ir way” but we all ended up getting out of there. I didn’t stick around. Thank god my kids weren’t with me. Sad world and fucked up people. F**k 16th/Mission Bart. At your own risk!

Watch video below [Trigger: Nudity, violence, naked gymnastics]


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