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On Monday, the nation learned that George Zimmerman allegedly pointed a shotgun as his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, inside their Florida home. Now, details have been revealed that Scheibe had allegedly been in contact with a reporter for weeks revealing details about her troubled partner and has demanded a paid national interview.

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Scheibe, and her mother, Hope Mason, were in contact with Orlando station WKMG’s Erik Sandoval, who broke the story Tuesday during an evening broadcast. Sandoval says the pair texted him intimate details of the nature of Zimmerman’s relationship with Scheibe, stating they’ve known each other for 12 years.

The curious timing of the WKMG report and the Monday arrest prompted the girlfriend to speak out in her defense.

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“I did actually speak to her at noon today after our story aired last night at 11,” Sandoval said Wednesday. “She wants to make it absolutely clear. She says that she and her daughter did not set Zimmerman up for what happened on Monday at her home in Apopka.”

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Scheibe claims that it was a coincidence that news of her seeking payment in granting a national news outlet an interview happened around the time of the incident this week. But on Tuesday, Sandoval says that Scheibe and her mother have been texting him for three weeks. The claims by WKMG that they were seeking financial compensation for their story was confirmed by the Orlando Sentinel after one unnamed organization told the paper they were contacted.

Sandoval was told by Scheibe that Zimmerman was “fascinated by guns” and claimed she was afraid of the former volunteer night watchman. She remained with Zimmerman because she wanted to help him. Scheibe initially contacted Sandoval after Zimmerman’s depression created an oppressive environment in their home and he put her belongings outside after an argument.

Scheibe also claims Zimmerman texted a portion of an “intimate video” of the two to her young daughter in a fit of anger, and threatened her in writing.

Zimmerman’s history of violence didn’t begin with Scheibe, as he has been accused of domestic violence and threats against his ex-wife, Shelly Zimmerman. Just this past September, Zimmerman was accused of waving a handgun at his wife at her parent’s home, but was not charged.

Since his acquittal in July regarding the killing of Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has been stopped by police for moving violations and the aforementioned incident with his ex-wife and her family.