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With recent news of how breast cancer and swine flu affect Black people disproportionately, it begs the question: Why? While there are a slew of racial and socio-economic theories floating around, we think it might have to do with the simple, age-old tradition of Black people avoiding doctors.

Forget about calling the doctor, a lot of African-American kids had to endure at-home health care from Dr. Mom. Here are some of the most popular, and disgusting, home remedies that were guaranteed to work.

Do you recognize any of these? :)

1. Drinking a combination of lime, brandy and honey for a cough

2. Stuffing cotton balls with Puncheon or Bacardi rum in cavities to stop a toothache

3. A good rub down with nutmeg oil for body aches

4. Drinking cod liver oil with crushed garlic, onions, honey and lime juice to knock out a cold

5. Drinking boiled aloe leaves with bitters to soothe a sore throat

6.  Or, for a really bad sore throat drinking lemon, salt, honey and vinegar .

7. Putting Vicks in your nostrils for a stuffy nose

8. Drinking bush tea for everything

9. Swallowing a clove of garlic daily for overall good health

10. Rub Vicks onto the bottom of your feet before putting on your socks  to get rid of the flu

Does your family any home remedies not on this list? Tell us in the comments!