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A man is in the hospital after he got into a car crash, but it wasn’t the crash that injured him. Instead, he was severely beaten afterwards on a nearby street corner.

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Nathanial Szczerbinski admitted to Local 4 he caused the wreck because he was driving the wrong way down an unfamiliar Detroit street. He said he stopped and started to turn around when he was struck by a Chevy van. As Szczerbinski got out, he was confronted by the three guys who were in the van. Police sources told Local 4 the men quickly went on the attack, repeatedly punching and kicking Szczerbinski.

Now, Szczerbinski and his family are focused on his recovery and they said they’re hopeful police will track down those responsible. One man is reportedly in custody, potentially facing assault and ethnic intimidation charges.

For more details on this story, watch Local 4 News Report below:

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