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A mistake was reportedly made by the St. Louis County Board of Elections, after it was revealed Tuesday that officials had erroneously stated that there was a huge voter registration surge in Ferguson since the Michael Brown shooting, but the information was simply was not true. Officials at the board of elections released faulty Ferguson voter registration figures showing an increase of 3,287 registrants when in fact the number was only 128, according to The Huffington Post.

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The reported voter surge was attributed to a reawakening of civic engagement in the largely Black town, where a racial divide between residents and White officials looms.

However, St. Louis County Director of Elections Rita Day admitted that only 128 people had actually registered to vote since the Brown killing, blaming the statistical error on calculations extracted from the wrong database.  “It was a mistake that we made,” Day said. “I do apologize for that and I accept that responsibility.”

The Brown murder allegedly spurred not only fiery protests but also a belated apology from Police Chief Tom Jackson to the Brown family for Brown’s death. In addition, a grand jury is weighing possible criminal charges against police officer Darren Wilson who is responsible for murdering Brown.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis County Board of Elections wants to remind all Missourians that the deadline to register to vote in the November 4th elections is Wednesday, October 8th.

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