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UPDATED Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 10:25 a.m. EST –

Decrying the “side show” that has been created by some of his kin, Bobby Brown has released a new statement through his lawyers in response to media interviews by “unauthorized members of the family.” It mentions cousin Jerod Brown, who has called himself a mediator between Nick Gordon and the Brown family, by name.

As Extra reports, the statement says:

“At this time it is requested that the media cease speaking with unauthorized members of the family. The integrity of the events that led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina must remain uncompromised.

Various members of the family have provided media interviews, however, none of them are approved visitors to see Bobbi Kristina. None of them have firsthand knowledge of Bobbi Kristina’s treatment and the medical staff at Emory University Hospital has not communicated with them.

In particularly [sic], Jerod Brown aka Jerod Carter aka YF Kennedy, continues to makes statements and appear on television, however, he has not had any communication with Bobby Brown or the Houston family. He must be disregarded.

Please do not attend any ‘meet and greet’ organized by Jerod Brown as he is unable to provide access to Bobbi Kristina or information on her condition. This is a criminal investigation and we do not need this side show.”

The statement concluded, “We continue to request privacy in this matter. We thank everyone that supports Bobbi Kristina and God is hearing our prayers.”


Following reports that he was banned from seeing Bobbi Kristina Brown in the hospital, Nick Gordon has released a statement saying he will not be taking legal action to be by her bedside.

Gordon, whose alleged marriage to Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s only daughter has been scrutinized and denied by family, found Brown face down and unresponsive in a bathtub on Jan. 31. The statement is striking in that it refers to Bobbi Kristina Brown as Gordon’s “companion,” and not his wife.

“In response to reports that Nick Gordon is taking legal action, he would like it to be clear, he is not,” Gordon’s attorneys Randy Kessler and Joe Habachy told Us Weekly. “Mr. Gordon’s only concern is the recovery of Bobbi Kristina.”

“He remains in constant prayer for his companion,” the statement continued, “and he hopes to be reunited with her soon. Despite the incredible public interest, we ask and hope that this request can be resolved privately by Mr. Gordon and the family.”

The statement comes after Brown’s cousin, Jerod, told reporters that Gordon has not been allowed to visit the 21-year-old since she was transferred to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

“At the moment, he’s not [allowed to visit],” Jerod told local NBC affiliate WXIA. “I’m in contact with Nick. To be honest with you, Nick is feeling very emotional right now behind all of this. He’s pretty torn about what’s going on.”

According to Jerod, he has personally served as a mediator between Gordon and the family. “We sit down and talk about things he wants my family to know and what we would love for Krissy to know,” Jerod explained. “And that is that he loves her and is just waiting for her to wake up.”

This is Gordon’s first statement since Brown was rushed to the hospital last month. Police in Roswell, Georgia have launched an investigation into the case.


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