Tiger and Barack.

They are two of the most famous black men in the world. One is a golfer and the other a politician. On some level, these two giants in their fields have a lot in common. But on other levels, they are worlds apart. And yet both men have a lot to teach us about what it means to black and successful in America today.

If you could pick any two people who have redefined the image of black manhood in the past decade, it would be difficult to overlook Barack Obama and Tiger Woods. Although their life experiences are hardly typical of most African American men, their examples have been used in recent years to disprove the stereotypes that demonize black men.

Much in common

The latest comparison between the two was launched by the release of the cover image for the upcoming January 2010 issue of Golf Digest. The photoshopped cover depicts President Obama lining up a shot with Tiger Woods as his caddie. The article, written before the recent Tiger Woods controversy, offers 10 tips Obama can take from Tiger.

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed to make sense to compare Woods with Obama. But now, after Woods’s personal life story has devolved into raunchy tabloid headlines, it seems Obama might be the one offering tips to Woods. So is there still a comparison to be made between the two men? Absolutely.

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