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Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is running for governor of Florida and the Democratic primary in the Sunshine State is on August 28. If Gillum wins, he would be the first Black governor in the state—and unlike many other Democrats, he is fearless, unapologetic and passionate about his platforms for social justice.

In an era when Democrats have weak messaging, Gillum is direct. On Tuesday, he was a guest on SiriusXM’s The Clay Cane Show and talked about what the Democrats are doing that continues to cost them elections.

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Cane asked Gillum, “How do we get to the spot, especially in a presidential election, where we have proper messaging that resonates?”

Gillum responded, “We ought to say what we believe. I think we have to stop trying to appeal to this magical, movable middle that we believe exists out there who are agnostic in a belief … I don’t believe that voter exists. I think people are principled around their beliefs. I believe that people have a theory of change. I believe that people aren’t vacillating on whether they want to go for Obama or want to go for Trump.”

Gillum continued, “What we are not clear on is what Democrats believe. We are not clear on the candidates that we’re putting up and what they are willing to do to impact and create change — that has really been the hallmark of my race and my run here in the Democratic primary. I have simply said we are not going to win the race for governor in the state by running Republican-like. We have tried it for 20 years — going after this magic, mysterious movable middle by attempting to be non-offensive, by attempting to not have a real position or a belief on anything or putting our finger to the wind and going out with which ever way it goes.”

Gillum added, “I believe the way we’re going to win is by going to voters and telling them what we believe. Giving them, in my opinion, something to vote for and not just against.”

This is not just talk. As NewsOne reported yesterday, Gillum is the only candidate running for governor who has clearly come out against Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which was used to justify the killings of Trayvon Martin and, most recently,  Markeis McGlockton.  As mayor of Tallahassee, he has a list of accomplishments, which include community-led task forces and Ban the Box, a campaign for employers to remove the check box from hiring applications that asks if applicants have a criminal record.

Listen to the audio below for Mayor Gillum on The Clay Cane Show.

For more on Gillium, please click here. And if you are in Florida, vote on August 28— especially if you are outraged by the Stand Your Ground Law and want a change.


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