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As Efforts To Promote Black Businesses Rise, So Do Growing Pains

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UPDATED: 5:30 p.m. ET, Nov. 24, 2023

With the holiday shopping season officially in full swing, it’s a foregone conclusion that the biggest retail corporations (read: monopolies) will rake in the big bucks from their faithful customers and new ones alike.

But what about the smaller players in the business game? Without any support, many of those companies can end up closing their doors just as quickly as they opened them up. Far too many times, it seems that those businesses are Black-owned.

If you want to get in on trying to reverse the capitalistic trend that was designed to favor powerful corporations over mom-and-pop shops that hold an outsized value to the communities they serve, Small Business Saturday — and every day henceforth, really — is your chance to help make a difference and know that your dollar likely won’t end up contributing to a greedy CEO’s annual multi-million dollar bonus.

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One thing that cannot be ignored in the conversation around supporting Black-owned businesses is the formidable spending power Black buyers have — to the tune of more than $1 trillion annually. So in theory, there should be no excuse not to at least throw a few bucks to the companies owned and operated by Black folks. And what better time to do so than on Small Business Saturday? This year, it falls on Nov. 27.

Also this year, like all the others, there is no shortage of Black-owned businesses to support, what with the internet being the great equalizer for companies that don’t have a physical store.

If you’re somehow having problems finding a Black-owned business to support, there is, of course, an app for that.

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Official Black Wall Street, which serves as a vast directory of Black-owned businesses across the globe, was created to make the directory more accessible and to encourage individuals to circulate money in the Black community.

Still no luck? Here’s a list of more than 100 other Black-owned businesses. The Black Business News Blog listed 25 Black-owned businesses offering up their wares for sale, including everything from desserts and snacks to drinks to cosmetics to clothing and more.

Looking for even more choices? Try Twitter, where the #BlackOwnedBusiness hashtag will fill your timeline with social media savvy Black-owned businesses shrewdly advertising their merchandise, like these crochet sweaters and/or these natural soaps and candles.

You can even find Black-owned businesses’ goods in big-box retail stores like Target.

In other words, there is literally no excuse for not buying Black this holiday season, and beyond.


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