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The country has been outraged by a video of aggressive Phoenix police officers threatened to kill a Black family over a doll possibly being stolen from a store. However, the Phoenix police department has refused to release their officers names, even though one reportedly screamed, “I’m going to put a f*cking cap in your f*cking head.”

However, Twtter has done their research.

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According to activist Shaun King, the officers are Christopher Meyer, Nicholas Welch, Agnes Milbourn and Brian Herricht. See the tweet below, which also includes their badge numbers.

In case you missed it, the May 29 shows Phoenix police officer Christopher Meyer screaming threats and profanity toward a Black family in a van that contained Dravon Ames, 22, his pregnant fiance Aisha Harper, 24, their two young daughters.

“You’re gonna fucking get shot!” the cop yells at one point.

“I’m gonna put a fucking cap in your fucking head,” he said in another instance.

Meyer also pointed a gun at the group threatening to shoot them and demanding Harper put her baby on the hot ground despite the fact she could not walk. And all of this because a four-year-old allegedly took a 99 cent doll.

On Saturday, ABC15 obtained a copy of the full police report, which was written by Meyer and found there were major differences in what was seen on the video and what was written in the report. The news outlet reported that Meyer made no mention of holding the family at gunpoint only writing that “Iesha was then removed from the vehicle.” He also did not talk about how he kicked Ames in the leg while he was handcuffed, which he only stated that Ames “began to tense his arms and turn back towards me. I made him spread his feet.” Another glaring omission was found when Meyer failed to mention that he ordered to put her child on the ground as he claimed Harper “refused to put the child down. She became loud, verbally abusive and refused our commands.”

Following the outrage, Jay-Z‘s philanthropic organization within his entertainment company ROC Nation offered to provide legal support to Ames and Harper, who filed a claim on Thursday demanding $10 million from the city of Phoenix. According to AZCentral, ROC secured high-profile attorney Alex Spiro and is demanding the termination of the police officers involved and plan on filing against one of the officers for child neglect.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams, who is a Black woman, released a video on the department’s Facebook page on Friday saying she was “disturbed by the language and actions of our officer.”

Let’s hope justice is served.


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