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In another case of “sounds about white,” a white man called a Black man the N-word and called the cops. Now he is about to be a viral sensation.

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According to Ryan Williams, who is from the Maryland area and posted a detailed account on Medium (the post has been removed as of Sept. 25), he and his wife “drove up to the garage door, the door opened, and before the arm raised to let us out, we saw a man carrying a baby walking in front of the garage. My wife didn’t lift her foot off of the brake. We thought nothing of it. There’s no way to rush through the garage door. There’s a gate and then there’s an arm that lifts after the gate is raised. I imagine that it’s there to keep people from rushing out.”

The man with the baby, who is called David, claims they almost ran over him, “But he never moved back an inch and we were several feet from him behind the gate waiting for him to cross.”

Ryan says David threw his right hand in the air, looked at him and said, “dumb nigger.” Ryan said this was his first time being called the N-word “within earshot.”

Williams said he jumped out of the car and said, “Who the fuck are you calling a dumb nigger?!” He explained, “The thought of a White man looking at my wife, who is Black and Muslim, and says ‘dumb nigger’ sent me into a rage. He saw her skin color and he saw her hijab. His motivation was probably not only racist, but Islamaphobic.”

Ryan Williams said he initally called the cops, hung up and the called back but he said he didn’t need them. He said, “After we parted ways, I used the next 20 minutes to figure out who he was based on the photo I took. It didn’t take long.” He found his LinkedIn page and discovered that David Gillette worked right across the street from their apartment.

He wrote David the following message on LinkedIn, “The next time you refer to someone as a ‘dumb nigger’, make sure they can’t find you or know where you live. You said you got me next time, right (referring to his earlier threat saying that he’ll deal with me the next time he saw me)? Let’s see who has who. I’ll be sure to make you famous (by making everyone knows that he’s a racist).”

Several hours later David and his daughter called the police on Ryan, he wrote, “I was heading back to the apartment on my motorcycle. I was right behind a police cruiser and he was turning into the apartment community. I joked to myself that it would be funny (I have a weird sense of humor) if he was heading to talk to David. As the cruiser pulled to a halt, I looked to the right and saw David and his daughter waiting. I decided to pull in front of the cruiser and park my motorcycle. There was no way I was going to allow them to control the narrative.”

The video below is what happened next:

Ryan said David and his daughter insisted he should be arrested because they felt threatened. Thankfully, the police did not arrest him, “I took my leave as the police officer kept advising them about storing the messages and contacting them if something else happens. I went home.”

David Gillette works at Leidos, Inc. Hopefully, social media will do its thing and make him famous.


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