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Days after talk show host and professional MAGA mammy Candace Owens was spotted next to Kanye West wearing one of the non-reading rapper’s “White Lives Matter” shirts—who later claimed he made the shirts to make the point that Black Lives Matter is a scam—Owens announced that she’s launching a documentary that will “expose” BLM as a scam.

“Ironically, you suffer from a life of tremendous white privilege,” Owens tweeted Thursday. “You say ‘black lives matter’ not because you mean it but because you hope it provides you legitimacy within a community you never knew.”


First, let’s just take a look at all the irony in that caption alone. Owens has spent her entire “career” vehemently denying the very existence of white privilege, but that apparently doesn’t extend to white people who say they support BLM—nah, those white people experience “tremendous white privilege.” 

Secondly, somebody needs to remind Candace that the Black community is also a “community you never knew.” Outside of a few sunken place outliers, Owens has no Black following. She’s just as much disinvited from all cookouts as your average Karen who refuses to disabuse herself of the belief that raisins are a proper potato salad ingredient.

Whenever Owens is trending for any reason, the popular Black response is always the same:

Anyway, Owens’ video, which appears to be a trailer for the documentary, doesn’t have anything to do with white people supporting BLM for clout. It seems to be more focused on allegations that the BLM global network misappropriated funds and donations. But, as I’ve said before, even if the allegations are true—and even if Owens’ doc manages to pull a fact or two out of what is sure to be her usual smorgasbord of anti-Black propaganda—BLM was a concept, movement and rallying cry before it was an organization. It’s also worth mentioning that there are local BLM chapters across the nation that have not been accused of stealing funds for personal use. (If I were a betting man, I’d wager that fact doesn’t make it into whatever it is Candace is doing here.)

At the end of the day, I doubt Owens—who has been proven to be a fraud herself a dozen times over—really cares that an organization she never supported in the first place may not be properly serving a community she isn’t a part of. 

Because how many times does it need to be made clear that Owens is a self-loathing wannabe white woman who hates all things related to Black identity?

This is, after all, the same woman who got her Miss Millie-wear all in a bunch over Netflix and Uber Eats having Black categories. This woman has gone out of her way more than once to call Juneteenth “soooo lame,” while declaring that she will continue to celebrate the Fourth of July instead, despite the two holidays occurring in different months. (I mean, it’s literally right there in the title of both holidays.)

The point is, the woman who doesn’t think abortion existed during slavery—and the woman who has never missed an opportunity to be on the wrong side of every issue involving an unarmed Black person killed by cops or racist vigilantes—is not likely producing this doc to protect Black people from a purported BLM scam. Her audience isn’t Black people. It’s white conservatives who are already anti-BLM.

Anti-Blackness and being a lapdog for white nationalism have always been her brand. So, she’ll put this doc out, falsely claim vindication and she’ll probably be demanding an apology from Black America—again. But the woman whose lies weren’t even bought into by the conservative-leaning Supreme Court won’t receive any praise from the Black masses, she’ll just join her fellow shuck n’ jivers in getting their heads patted by their white overseers.

In other words: There’s really nothing to see here. Just another propagandist calling everything she opposes propaganda.



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