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We are all captivated by the maturation of Blac Chyna into her stripped-down version of herself, Angela White. The influencer and personality visited former HelloBeuatiful cover star Tamron Hall on The Tamron Hall Show to further talk about her decision to remove her face fillers, silicon injections, and breast implants. During the candid chat, Angela talked about being baptized for the first time and reflected on her before and after photos. What was an inspiring and positive interview, was criticized by a fan who labeled the veteran journalist “messy and mean,” in agreement with Porsha Williams who previously voiced her opinion on Hall.

Angela stopped by TheNeighborhoodTalk to correct the user and defend Hall.

“I didn’t feel like she was tearing me down at all. The interview was heartfelt, I honestly loved that she showed my growth from start to where I am today in life. The truth is the truth, and I’m walking in my truth. Tamron simply showed the world that didn’t see the before and after. To my new audience in my journey that I am continuing. She understood the assignment,” she wrote.


During the interview, Angela revealed insecurity was behind her decision to get body enhancements.

“Insecurities and, honestly, what was kind of in at that moment. You know, like being in the industry, you want to have this image of yourself to look perfect, you know. And there’s no such thing as that. There’s no such thing,” she said.

She decided to reverse the negativity surrounding her through this transformation.

“A lot was going on in my life, honestly. Like, I had so many negative things that was being attached to me, and to my body and my soul and to my mind, to where as though it would affect, like, my day to day and just different things in my life,” she said.

The businesswoman revealed she stopped doing OnlyFans months ago but kept quiet about it as she reevaluated her life.

“I been stopped a lot of that stuff, but I just never was vocal about it. I been stopped my OnlyFans all the way in December. I just didn’t really speak about it,” she said. “I been stopped doing hostings at clubs and all of these things. I been stopped doing certain posts that I didn’t want to do anymore with like certain products and things like that. I was quietly pulling out.”

Watch a clip from the episode, below:


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