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From the Huffington Post:

A Minnesota middle school teacher is in serious trouble after a bizarre incident at a late-night diner.

According to multiple local news reports, Susan Mukuhi Mwarabu was eating with a group of friends at roughly 4 a.m. on Sunday morning when a man from another group made a comment about the way one of them was eating french fries.

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Mwarabu allegedly approached the man and, according to the police complaint, “leaned down, licked his face and appeared as if she was going to throw up.” The man apparently pushed her away, so she turned to a second man in the group, identified only as C.R.H. As the Pioneer Press tells it:

Mwarabu then leaned toward C.R.H. and licked his ear. C.R.H. “moved her back from him,” according to the complaint, but Mwarabu leaned in again and bit off part of his ear.

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