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As the car full of young women drifted down a Jacksonville street Saturday night, they heard a gunshot. And then another. And another.

The car filled with screams as the driver raced backward, slamming into another vehicle. Tiphne Hollis, 16, collapsed in her younger sister’s lap in the back seat. She’d been shot at least once.

“Oh, God,” Tiphne gasped. She died a short time later.

Jacksonville police this morning confirmed the identity of the Ed White High School sophomore, who by all accounts was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. No arrests have been reported and police gave no other details.

Grief counselors were on-hand at the Westside school this morning to help Tiphne’s schoolmates and teachers. The school has suffered repeated tragedies in the last year, including the deaths of four students in an car wreck on Interstate 295 in June and the shooting of another teen, Alex Ross, in January.

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