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For the past few months, Sen. John McCain’s reelection campaign has operated on the assumption that if it can depict primary challenger J.D. Hayworth as fundamentally unserious, voters will recoil.

On Monday, the senator kept at it, releasing a new web ad — presented in the form of a spot created and approved by Hayworth himself — that can best be described as a “greatest hits” list of bizarre and brash statements by the former representative.

Billed as “A Special Message from J.D. Hayworth,” it paints the Tea-Party-favored Senate aspirant as someone more interested in confirming President Obama’s birth in Kenya (and stopping man-on-horse marriages) than tackling serious issues. In between, there are gratuitous references to Dracula, space aliens, and a Radar magazine article calling Hayworth one of the least bright members of Congress.

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