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Last night, Senator Hillary Clinton graced the stage in her “pantsuit”. Senator Clinton tried to focus her speech on how hard we need to work for Senator Obama to be our next president.

But was she convincing? I ran into a young Arab-American man who was wearing a “Hillary for President” t-shirt and multiple “Hillary” Stickers. The young man, who was a delegate from New Hampshire, was expressing that he was unconvinced to rally behind Obama. The young man was frustrated that Hillary had not been selected to as Obama’s running mate and angered that she did not explain herself during the speech.

NewsOne was there as this unnamed delegate’s declarations drew attention. Mitch Mallett of Florida, also a Hillary delegate, came out of the Convention Hall shouting, “YOU NEED TO JUST STOP IT AND GET OVER IT! WORK WITH BARACK.” The exchange quickly escalated to pushing, drawing an audience.

Mitch Mallett said he was disappointed to see other delegates continuing “anti-Obama” rants. He went on to say, “… I am a Democrat! I am proud of that. [Hillary’s] speech tonight was to secure [Democratic] unity. Work with her to get [Obama] into the White House.”

A Florida delegate, donned in his red, white and blue hat, expressed his concern about the vote tomorrow. “I hope tomorrow, after these folks get some sleep, they will come back…put their political feelings aside and vote for the party structure.”

Hillary’s speech seems to have left some of her delegates feeling slighted. We will have to see how she can direct the Hillary bandwagon behind Obama.

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