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Denise Ford, mother of the late Tujuan Ford, and Trent Benefield, speaks about violence which has affected her family.

Two of her sons have felt the sting of bullets and now she’s calling for an end to the violence.

“It needs to stop!” Denise Ford railed Thursday, as she left the funeral for her son, Tujuan Ford.

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Ford, 37, was shot in the neck last month during a gambling dispute and died on Aug. 5. He was the brother of Trent Benefield, 26, who was hit three times in the infamous Sean Bell shooting of 2006.

“I hope they catch him, and he gets what he deserves,” the mom said of her older son’s killer.

Benefield survived a hail of 50 gunshots fired by cops following Bell’s bachelor party at the Kalua Club in Queens. He was awarded $900,000 as part of a $7 million settlement with the city and used some of that money to pay for his brother’s funeral.

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