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New York — A feisty 90-year-old Harlem man who survived being mugged by two pitiless punks said Tuesday they messed with the wrong senior citizen – and vowed to “do ’em in.”

“I wanna make ’em pay for what they did to me,” a still furious Jessie Little told The Daily News. “If they’re rough with me, I get rough back. I don’t know what I would do, but I would get ’em good.”

Little spoke out as cops released surveillance camera photos of the suspects, who look young enough to be his grandsons.

Dressed in a snazzy black leather Kangol cap, matching corduroy slacks and a black and grey plaid shirt, Little recounted the Dec. 4 ambush in the Savoy Park apartments on W. 139th St., his home for half a century.

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