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T.I.’s album cover for King Uncaged features the ATL rapper seated next to a lion, drawing an obvious parallel between the recently-released-from-jail rapper and the king of the jungle, as well as a fleeting nod to a classic 70’s soul album from Minnie Riperton.

Released in 1975, Minnie Riperton’s third album, Adventures In Paradise didn’t make much of a dent in the mainstream music scene in comparison to her previous album, but it’s remained a classic for those in the know.

Sixteen years later, A Tribe Called Quest would introduce Adventures’ hidden gems to a new generation on their classic album, The Low End Theory. The single “Check The Rhime” featured a sample of “Baby, This Love I Have. On their next album, 1994’s Midnight Marauders, ATCQ dug into the album again. “Lyrics To Go” used a loop from the keyboard solo in “Inside My Love.”

Wonder if T.I. had any mishaps similar to Minnie’s on the photoshoot…

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