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As President Obama prepares to give his State of the Union address, he is riding a wave of approval that many would have thought impossible just two months ago. The White House is looking to utilize his speech tonight before a nation struggling to find work to further advance his approval rating and set the tone for the 2012 presidential election with a “Win the Future” battle cry.

While the details of the president’s remarks lay under a cloak of secrecy until he actually takes the podium, it is clear that the economy will dominate his address. But, there are some topics that the president will likely address superficially, or stay away from all together in order to score a State Of The Union win.

Social Security is the most nuanced of the third rail issues that may be left untouched by the president’s remarks. How Obama navigates Social Security will weigh heavily in how he scores with the left. And with the GOP carrying the responsibility of drastic budget cuts, a wave to Social Security in his remarks may be all that is necessary to challenge his Congressional adversaries to look to other areas like defense as targets for substantial reduction.

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