The Obamas have inked a deal with Audible to create projects that amplify diverse voices.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama will launch a podcast in March inspired by her memoir ‘The Light We Carry.’

The 44th President of the United States turns 61 this year.

Former President Barack Obama has teamed up with Airbnb to launch a scholarship program for aspiring civic leaders.

Jacob Philadelphia—the youngster featured in the memorable 'Hair Like Mine' photo with former President Barack Obama 13 years ago—received a call from the former POTUS ahead of his high school graduation.

Michelle Obama’s second memoir ‘The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times’ is slated to hit bookshelves in November.

Former first lady Michelle Obama and Penguin Random House have launched a scholarship award for young aspiring writers.

Our forever president promised "not to tear up" the White House during the portrait unveiling.

Former President Barack Obama shut down a heckler in the most spectacular way during a speech in Michigan to rally Democrats.

Former first lady Michelle Obama announced the Obama Presidential Center Museum will harbor an exhibit inspired by her mother Marian Robinson.

A video shows a group of "aunties" openly flirting with "fine" former President Barack Obama at a rally for Michigan Democrats in Detroit.

Sasha Obama has done quite a lot since she set off to attend college. Here are a few interesting things you might not have known about the youngest Obama girl.