Opinion articles and newspaper editorials on current events told from a Black perspective.

Wisconsin Elections Commission vice chair Bob Spindell said the quiet part out loud.

UFC's Dana White slapping his wife didn't spark a media frenzy like Will Smith's slap.

To secure the future of reparations for Black America, remember the Black South.

A Wall Street Journal reporter was wrongfully handcuffed and detained by Phoenix police while he was conducting street interviews.

On the anniversary of the Capitol riots, never forget that historians estimate there were around 250 insurrections in America that involved 10 or more enslaved people starting in the early 1600s.

Donald Trump used his Truth Social platform to resume his nonsensical beef with former Georgia election worker Ruby Freeman.

Sports commentator Skip Bayless thought Damar Hamlin's injury was a good time to tweet about how canceling a game might affect the NFL season.

Pelé was not only skillful, he also brought great joy to innumerable people across the world, over a period of decades. For all of us, even those with just the slightest interest in soccer, we will never forget him.

The move from a mid-major conference to a Power Five conference is usually met with widespread praise. Not so for Deion Sanders.

Kwanzaa is not just any “Black holiday.” It is a recognition that knowledge of Black history is worthwhile.

The omnibus government funding legislation that includes the Electoral Count Act reform passed the House on Dec. 23.