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Five Ways Black Voters Can Protect Their Votes 1. Voter I.D. laws – In several states, voting laws have changed to require an state-issued piece of identification. Don’t be fooled. All you need is your social security number to vote and voter registration card. If your state has imposed this law, fill out an absentee ballot […]

     The Five Myths Plaguing Barack Obama     Senator Barack Obama’s task has become clear as day as the polls tighten, swaying to favor his ticket or McCain-Palin from one day to the next. He is no stranger to the flash, as we’ve seen from the primary season, where a rumble of support […]

One of the major story lines to emerge in the presidential race over the past few days is the McCain campaign’s depth of dishonesty. Their serial lying has compelled the media (despite its longstanding affection for the GOP nominee) to raise serious questions about McCain’s and Palin’s evident contempt for the truth.

Cries of adulation — and hunger — followed Haitian-born singer Wyclef Jean and actor Matt Damon as they toured flood-ravaged Gonaives to call attention to widespread suffering in the marooned city.

Hey, if my woman rocked $280,000 worth of jewelry, and I couldn’t remember the amount of houses I owned it’d be a strong economy for me too. All you people who just lost you jobs and homes, stop whining.

Jill Greenberg, a photographer who was paid by the Atlantic Monthly to photograph Senator John McCain, has chosen to use her photographs to make a political statement. In one picture he is depicted as a vampire; another makes reference to the time he cheated on his first wife; and, yet another that refers to the […]

Barack Obama mocks the way John McCain took his ‘Change We Need’ slogan and criticizes him for putting lobbyists in charge of his campaign. Obama also continued his attack on Mccain for his ties to Bush.

I voted for Bush in ’04 and laughed like a maniac at all my friends who voted for John Kerry. My friends were heartbroken and shocked at Kerry’s loss. I was neither. I was glad that Kerry lost. If the Dems weren’t going to put their best horse in the race (Hillary Clinton), they deserved […]

Sarah Palin appeared on ABC for the first face-to-face interview since delivering her speech at the Republic National Convention. The McCain-Palin camp purposely shielded her from reporters as scandals about her record brewed. Speculation about her experience has been rampant in the wake of her being chosen to serve as Vice President, effectively one John […]

So, Senator John McCain’s campaign has accused Senator Barack Obama of sexism in relation to the latter’s use of the phrase, “if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.” That the mainstream press has spent so much time and energy on this non-issue, speaks volumes about the extent to which real examples […]

Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama made ground zero their common ground for one rare day, free of politics and infused with memory. Putting their partisan contest on a respectful hold, they walked together Thursday into the great pit where the World Trade Center once stood and, as one, honored the dead from the […]

Usain Bolt returned to Jamaica this week after heading to Brussels, Belgium for the Van Damme memorial last Friday. Bolt captured another first place medal to cap off his sensational summer, and ended his journey at Norman Manley Airport in Kingston. Fellow Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell took second in the Van Damme, with Nesta Carter taking […]