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When they talk about Iraq and Afghanistan, Barack Obama and John McCain speak with the certainty of men who know what they believe and what they plan to do. Good luck on that: Reality is sure to tangle and vastly complicate the next president’s job no matter who wins.

Barack Obama leads in four states won by President Bush in 2004 and is essentially tied with John McCain in two other Republican states, according to new AP-GfK battleground polling.

Barack Obama will be a one-man television blitz on Wednesday, saturating prime-time with a 30-minute ad and popping up on the buzzy late-night TV scene. He is also giving an interview to a prominent network news anchor, and appearing with fellow Democratic star Bill Clinton at a rally that is timed to hit the late-evening […]

The polling website is reporting an unprecedented surge in early voting among African-Americans in three key states: North Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana.

Radio One’s CEO, Alfred Liggins, has an exclusive piece for CNN regarding African-Americans and the election. He goes into detail on the diversity of the black voting block which many have described as a monolith. Liggins provided a survey that Radio One did to point out the diversity in ideas and values in the black […]

Republican John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin told a Pennsylvania audience Tuesday that “it’s wonderful to fool the pundits” and vowed to pull out an upset win over Democratic rival Barack Obama.

The ATF says it has broken up a plot to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and shoot or decapitate 102 black people in a Tennessee murder spree.

Families in this village near the Iraqi border buried loved ones Monday who they said were killed when the U.S. military launched a rare attack in Syrian territory. During the funerals, angry residents shouted anti-American slogans and carried banners reading: “Down with Bush and the American enemy.”

Endorsements for Obama are coming from all angles of the political and media spectrum. He is getting endorsements from cast members of critically acclaimed TV Shows, GOP senators, Oscar winning actors, and major conservative newspapers.

Iran is supplying weapons to “liberation armies” in the Middle East, a top Revolutionary Guards commander said, offering the first official confirmation the country provides weapons to armed groups in the region.

Today it was confirmed by Ethan Eioln of the CRNC (College Republican National Committee)  that she was contracted to be paid $3,600 for her August to election day work. The CRNC is clearly a major player for the Republican National Committee, receiving $25,000 from the RNC in 2002. The Center for Public Integrity also notes […]

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin testified before an independent investigator Friday about allegations she abused her powers during a long-running personnel controversy that has now distracted from her Republican vice presidential campaign.