Following a chemical spill at a Bucks County processing plant, Philadelphia has become the latest city to face issues with water safety. The ongoing water crisis is impacting these cities the hardest in America.

The family of a U.S. couple kidnapped by Haitian gang is pleading with gang members for the safe release of their loved ones. 

The lawyer, author and TransAfrica founder was an anti-apartheid icon.

A Florida school pulled the movie 'Ruby Bridges' about the 6-year-old Black girl integrating New Orleans schools in the 1960s after one parent complained.

A devastating tornado swept through western Mississippi, killing more than 25 people and leaving a wake of destruction in its path.

Vice President Kamala Harris made her triumphant arrival in Ghana on Sunday as she begins a weeklong stay in Africa in an effort to help deepen "enduring" ties to the United States.

Police in Mississippi are under investigation after being accused of violating the civil rights of multiple Black men since 2019.

Regardless of guilt or innocence, he may have an asterisk next to his name the rest of his career.

Black people are being warned about Gov. Ron DeSantis' attack on civil and social rights.

The famous TV judge said he's "never met" the award-winning actress.

Award-winning journalist Jemele Hill gets candid in an exclusive interview for NewsOne's inaugural digital cover.

To secure the future of reparations for Black America, remember the Black South.

What happens when outsiders to the HBCU community try to impact Black college culture? The answer may not be as straightforward as you think.

Imagine if these unrelated-yet-identical actors actually got together and played siblings in a Hollywood project. We did. See if you agree.

Here are a few iconic Black cartoons that have been a vital part of promoting equity, inclusivity and diversity in the animated world. 

The swell around Swarm hasn’t died down. Here are a few reasons why everyone is still talking about the killer new series on Amazon Prime.

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Fox News host Dana Perino claims the word "woke" is more of a "feeling" than something that can actually be defined.

Steve Drazkowski is attempting to block a state bill that would require educators to give lessons on the genocide of indigenous people.

Conservative Twitter exploded in an unholy baptism of white nationalist tears over the imminent criminal indictment of former President Donald Trump.

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Defense attorneys argued their clients weren't responsible for Irvo Otieno's death because their participation in the incident was minimal.

Louisiana Prosecutor Hugo Holland has been tapped to prosecute the five white cops who killed Ronald Greene, but he's a racist and pro-cop.

Video footage has been released that shows Irvo Otieno's death after being smothered by hospital staff and Virginia sheriff's deputies.

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Supreme Court Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was honored with a street renaming for her in Miami, where she was raised.

Morehouse College is teaming up with the Ida B. Wells Society to increase the representation of reporters of color in investigative journalism.

The trailblazing civil rights activist's likeness will be featured on the quarter.

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What data privacy risk does TikTok pose? What could the Chinese government do with data collected by the app? Is its content recommendation algorithm dangerous? And is it even possible to ban an app?

Candace Owens complained about "inclusivity" during a rant about a "ridiculous" women's underwear ad featuring a model in a wheelchair.

The University of Maryland course explores if and how discussions on race and racism have changed since “The Boondocks” first aired in 2005.

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NBA star Bradley Beal is under police investigation for battery after he was allegedly involved in a confrontation with fans who were heckling him. One of the fans involved reportedly provided video of the incident to police.

Fox contributor Nicole Parker falsely claimed a side door to the Covenant School in Nashville was unlocked during Monday's school shooting and blamed that instead of guns.

Although Irvo Otieno’s death has hit the mainstream media, donations for his GoFundMe have been slow to roll in. 

The funeral for Irvo Otieno, who prosecutors say was "smothered to death" by police and staff in a Virginia mental hospital, will call for reforms to how officials respond to mental health crises.

Pan-Afrikan psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson drew attention to interracial relationships when he asked if Jonathan Majors was "snowbunnied" after his arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Film and stage industry veterans were quick to call Jonathan Majors "abusive" after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Jonathan Majors' lawyer said a woman "recanting" allegations that the movie star assaulted her is among the evidence expected to get all criminal charges dropped against him.

Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York City on charges he strangled, assaulted and harassed his girlfriend.

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