Mail ballots from nonwhite Philadelphia communities are more likely to be rejected due to simple mistakes, compared with all voters in the city who requested mail ballots, a new analysis found.

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In 2020, more than 21,000 Georgians—including Kemp, who requested his ballot on Election Day—cast their ballots within 11 days of the November 3 contest, something that is no longer possible due to the new law.


Fresh off of losing several high-profile elections, Georgia Republicans have now turned their sights on trying to make absentee ballots use more difficult to cast.

1.2 million absentee ballots were requested in the upcoming Senate runoff race which could signal a positive outcome for Democrats in the Peach State.

With one of the most consequential elections in modern history rapidly approaching, efforts to get out the vote are seemingly at an all-time high.


A local North Carolina GOP office was firebombed and destroyed on Sunday.