Carol Moseley Braun

Bipartisan cooperation seems hard to come by in Congress these days, but could a “baby step” have been made this week when Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) hosted a gathering of past and present black senators at the Capitol? Former ambassador and Illinois senator Carol Moseley Braun used that term to describe her hopes for the moderated […]

On this date 29 years ago, Harold Lee Washington became the first Black mayor of Chicago, leaving an indelible mark on that city’s political landscape. SEE ALSO: Recent firings won’t erase National Review’s race problems Washington’s narrow 1983 victory over opponent Bernard Epton came after he won the primary after vanquishing incumbent mayor Jane Byrne […]

CHICAGO-During a debate with Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins, Chicago Mayoral candidate Carol Mosley told fellow candidate, Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins that the reason she wasn’t aware of Braun”s recent activity is because “You’ve been strung out on crack for years.” at a debate at a Chicago church. While Wakins has admitted to using drugs, she has denied […]