It’s been an eventful year in politics, one that will go down in history for several different reasons. Here’s NewsOne‘s list for the top 10 political moments of 2012. Some will make you smile, others will make you wince, and a few bear a nice sigh of relief because you’re unlikely to see similar events […]

This time last year, the Republicans were expected to seize control of the Senate and pose a real threat to President Barack Obama’s re-election efforts even with a band of misfit candidates. Unfortunately for the Grand Old Party, numerous gaffes and one too many kooks on the ballot soiled those plans. The Republican Party doesn’t […]


Comedian Bill Maher may be an avid political and financial supporter of President Barack Obama, but he still found the rambling “sit down” that octogenarian Clint Eastwood gave the POTUS, via an empty chair at the RNC, funny, reports SEE ALSO: See NewsOne’s 6-Point Political Agenda For Black America The ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ host said that […]