fast food workers protest

A state panel appointed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recommended a $6.25 increase in hourly wage for fast-food workers Wednesday, bringing minimum wage to $15. The panel’s recommendation catapults New York City into uncharted waters — over the next few years, wages will be raised faster in the city than in the rest of […]

Last week, McDonald’s announced a $1 raise above the minimum wage for some of its U.S. workers, following a similar announcement by Walmart in February – which on the face of it sounds like a good thing. Thing is, the new $8.25 per hour salary only applies to about ten percent of McDonald’s workforce—those who work in […]

Fast-food workers conducted a nationwide strike Thursday in more than 100 cities, demanding their wages be raised to $15 an hour. According to reports, more than  700 workers and their supporters were arrested for their participation in the protests. The UC Berkeley Labor Center reports that fast-food workers in America require nearly $7 billion in public assistance […]