flesh eating bacteria

Robert J. Turner (pictured), a convicted murderer serving 40 years in prison for a killing a man during a 1998 home evasion, died of the flesh-eating bacteria in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reports. SEE ALSO: iPhone 5 Features: Everything You Need To Know! Want to Keep Up With NewsOne.com? LIKE Us On Facebook! Turner died […]

Anthony Hills (pictured), a 55-year-old Charleston, S.C., man, died from flesh eating bacteria, WCSC reports. SEE ALSO: Grandpa Says 27-Year-Old Lover Tricked Him Into Buying Her A Condo The bacteria started in his right arm and right leg. Hills’ family says that he had a swollen arm and that he complained of not feeling well […]

A Ugandan boy is struggling to stay alive after his 10-year-old legs swelled to the size of small tree trunks and, soon after, caught the vicious flesh eating bacteria, the Daily Mail reports. SEE ALSO: Obama Winning With Vets Dubbed, quite cruelly, as the “Elephant Boy” Vincent Oketch is bed-bound, unable to walk and is […]