Government Shutdown Avoided

WASHINGTON  — A last minute budget deal, forged amid bluster and tough bargaining, averted an embarrassing federal shutdown and cut billions in spending – the first major test of the divided government voters ushered in five months ago. Working late into the evening Friday, congressional and White House negotiators struck an agreement to pay for […]

The proposed GOP budget cuts that may cause a veto from President Barack Obama and cause a government shut down would have big affect on the Black community as well as Hispanics and the Urban Poor. One the biggest pushes by the GOP is to cut funding for Planned Parenthood. Despite the GOP’s demonization of […]

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A weather forecaster says he may have to live off the money he’s been setting aside for a Caribbean vacation. A worker in Washington hopes to polish his resume so he can retire from public service and work in the private sector. An accountant wonders if she can put off her […]