The defense lawyer of a mother blames untreated postpartum depression for her suicide attempt and alleged murder of her two children. Prosecutors reject that defense.


Talae Thomas (pictured) of Plant City, Fla. allegedly confessed to killing her 5-week-old son because she though he was the devil, according to the Associated Press. Little Chase Harrison’s body was found floating in Thomas’ bathtub last week. Plant City detectives say Thomas, 30, confessed to drowning her baby on Nov. 15 to “kill the […]

Alexandra V. Tobias has plead guilty to second degree murder of her three month old son. AOL Games is reporting that she she shook him to death because he interrupted her game of “Farmville.” Alexandra V. Tobias, a 22-year-old mother from Jacksonville, FL, plead guilty to second degree murder in the death of her three-month-old […]