Inkster Police

An ex-cop from Inkster, Mich. who was captured beating an unarmed driver on dash cam video will go to trial for misconduct and assault charges. In January, Officer William Melendez pulled Floyd Dent over for a traffic stop and things quickly went left. “I went to the ground, [and Melendez] started choking me,” said Dent during […]

The Inkster, Mich. police officer caught on dash cam beating and dragging a Black man during a Jan. 28 traffic stop has been charged with two felony counts, MSNBC reports. A county prosecutor announced the charges Monday following the beating that left 57-year-old Floyd Dent injured. Officer William Melendez allegedly punched Dent 16 times in […]

If video of Inkster, Michigan officers dragging and beating 57-year-old Floyd Dent wasn’t bad enough, allegations emerged Thursday that cops involved in the incident planted cocaine in his car during the violent encounter, reports the Huffington Post. Dent appeared Thursday on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes alongside his attorney, Gregory Rohl, who says before the […]