Internet Neutrality

In the decades-long struggle for civil rights, the movement has focused on different Washington institutions, from Congress to the White House to the Supreme Court.  In recent months, part of the battle has moved to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The critical question now facing the FCC is how to preserve the open Internet while continuing […]

  While some civil rights groups argue that President Barack Obama’s call for strict regulation of Internet access would be harmful to minority communities, others disagree, the New York Times reports. SEE ALSO: Eric Holder Curbs Racial Profiling By Federal Agents The New York Times reports: WASHINGTON — When President Obama laid out his vision for […]

  A federal appeals court in Washington ruled that the Federal Communications Commission does not have the right to block certain sites on Tuesday. Carriers, such as Verizon, however, can make traffic run faster on certain sites, but they have to inform their subscribers of what they are doing. While many people don’t see how […]