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The United States Supreme Court upheld Texas’ voter ID law. As a result of the ruling, 600,000 registered voters, mostly Black and Hispanic, may be disenfranchised because they lack the proper form(s) of identification. “NewsOne Now” guest host Jeff Johnson and the Straight Talk panel (George Curry, Francesca Chambers and  Joseph Williams) take a look at […]

A picture of a 14-year-old’s bruised face taken after a recent shoplifting arrest is raising questions as to whether officers brutally assaulted him or if he sustained the injuries from a bad fall while escaping from them, reports. SEE ALSO: Cops Force Black Men To Sing And Dance Like Chimps? Authorities arrested Joseph Williams […]

In a political move not often seen from college athletes, University of Virginia football player, Joseph Williams, has joined the Living Wage Campaign in a campus hunger strike “to protest the economic and social injustices perpetrated by the UVa administration against the vast majority of the University’s service-sector employees,” reports Yahoo Sports. SEE ALSO: 2 […]