MIAMI – The murder suspect who was killed in a shootout that also left two police officers dead had a lengthy criminal record and was released from prison less than six months ago, records show. The shooting happened Thursday in a notoriously crime-ridden section of Miami as a team of heavily armed law enforcement agents […]

Miami – Three children were hospitalized Tuesday, just days after they became the victims of a violent murder-suicide that claimed the life of their mother at the hands of her boyfriend, Mark Glinton. Family members said Quentin Jack, 13, who was shot twice and is paralyzed from the chest down, jumped in the way as […]

(Miami-CBS4) Tensions are arising in Miami after an African American male, Akil Larue Oliver was killed by Arab store owners in Miami. CBS 4 Miami reports: Demonstrators A demonstration was held outside the store Friday night, and those attending said Akil Larue Oliver, 34, was beaten to death because he was black. But Miami-Dade Police […]